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 PCP: Efficient Endpoint Congestion Control
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 Tom Anderson
 Andy Collins
 Arvind Krishnamurthy
 John Zahorjan
    We develop a novel endpoint congestion control system that achieves near-optimal performance in all likely circumstances. Our approach, called the Probe Control Protocol (PCP), emulates network-based control by using explicit short probes to test and temporarily acquire available bandwidth. Like TCP, PCP requires no network support beyond plain FIFO queues. Our initial experiments show that PCP, unlike TCP, achieves rapid startup, small queues, and low loss rates, and that the efficiency of our approach does not compromise eventual fairness and stability. Further, PCP is compatible with sharing links with legacy TCP hosts, making it feasible to deploy.

  • PCP: Efficient Endpoint Congestion Control
    Thomas Anderson, Andy Collins, Arvind Krishnamurthy, and John Zahorjan
    Appeared in NSDI, 2006. PDF.
    Link to simulation code.

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