Rocketfuel Maps

Geographic maps are rendered using GeoPlot, a Java applet from CAIDA. Note: the European background map is not the Mercator projection GeoPlot expects. Cities will appear to be incorrectly placed. The status bar at the bottom of the map will show the name of the city under the mouse pointer.

Pop maps are generated by graphviz from AT&T. Aliases are listed together, and have a single uid in parentheses. Multiple routers connected singly to the same router are listed together on a shaded rectangle - these have multiple uids.

Multiple links between the same cities or between the same routers are rendered as a single link for simplicity.

ASN Name World Map Specific Map POP Maps POP Map Booklet
1221 Telstra (Australia) world thumbnails booklet (ps)
1239 Sprintlink (US) world US thumbnails booklet (ps)
1755 EBONE (Europe) world Europe thumbnails booklet (ps)
2914 Verio (US) world US thumbnails booklet (ps)
3257 Tiscali (Europe) world Europe thumbnails booklet (ps)
3356 Level 3 (US) world US thumbnails booklet (ps)
3967 Exodus (US) world US thumbnails booklet (ps)
4755 VSNL (India) world thumbnails booklet (ps)
6461 Abovenet (US) world US thumbnails booklet (ps)
7018 AT&T (US) world US thumbnails booklet (ps)