Beta Release

There is no beta release available at this time.

Alpha Release

This is the recommended version for most users. Until a beta release is made, the alpha release will generally be the most stable compiler available.

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Cutting Edge Release

Generally, unless you are making changes or working closely with the ZPL team, the alpha release is a better choice. This release will be updated nightly with the latest code and may be highly unstable, e.g., it may contain significant bugs not caught during our nightly regression tests. Since this is updated every night, changes made on the day you are downloading it may not be reflected.

Last reflected modification: Tue Nov 16 18:55:55 PST 2004

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Binary Release

Our last binary release (Version 1.16.59) was on August 24, 2000. It is not recommended. However, it may be more appropriate for you if (1) it still runs on your system and (2) you are relying on old ZPL publications for documentation.

To download this release, please register. Note that you will have to accept our old license.