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Packages that use Permission The ANTS internal security implementation. 

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Subclasses of Permission in
 class AdminPermission
          Represents the "root" permission.

Fields in declared as Permission
static Permission SecurityDefaults.MODIFY_ROUTES
          Permission to modify the routing table
static Permission SecurityDefaults.READ_NEIGHBORS
          Permission to read the neighbor table
static Permission SecurityDefaults.MODIFY_NEIGHBORS
          Permission to modify the neighbor table
static Permission SecurityDefaults.SHUTDOWN
          Permission to shutdown the node
static Permission SecurityDefaults.LOG
          Permission to write to the local log
static Permission SecurityDefaults.SET_ADDRESS
          permission to set the local address of the node
static Permission SecurityDefaults.ADMIN_PERMISSION
          the "root" permission: this is dangerous
static Permission SecurityDefaults.READ_PHYSICAL_PROTOCOL_SPEC
          permission to read the local node's physical connection spec
static Permission SecurityDefaults.READ_PHYSICAL_ADDRESS_SPEC
          permission to read the local node's physical address
static Permission SecurityDefaults.LOCAL_SEND
          permission to use the Node's local send method
static Permission SecurityDefaults.START_THREAD
          permission to start up a thread
static Permission SecurityDefaults.RAW_SEND
          permission to send to directly to neighbor, bypassing TTL and source checks

Methods in with parameters of type Permission
abstract  boolean Policy.hasPermission(Principal who, Permission what)
abstract  void Policy.addPermission(Principal who, Permission what)
abstract  void Policy.removePermission(Principal who, Permission what)
 boolean BasicPolicy.hasPermission(Principal who, Permission what)
          Perform an access control check.
 void BasicPolicy.addPermission(Principal who, Permission what)
          Add a permission after first checking for exact duplicates
 void BasicPolicy.removePermission(Principal who, Permission what)
          Remove a permission from a given principal.
 boolean Permission.implies(Permission p)
          test whether this permission implies the given permission.
static void ReferenceMonitor.checkPermission(Principal who, Permission what)
          Check whether the given principal has a permission.
 boolean AdminPermission.implies(Permission p)


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