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Packages that use Principal
ants.core The ANTS internal security implementation. 

Uses of Principal in ants.core

Methods in ants.core that return Principal
 Principal Node.getPrincipal()
          Return the security principal associated with this node
static Principal Node.currentPrincipal()
 Principal Application.getPrincipal()
          Returns the security principal.

Methods in ants.core with parameters of type Principal
 void Node.register(Protocol protocol, Principal principal)
          Called by applications that want to instantiate a locally originiating protocol.

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Fields in declared as Principal
static Principal SecurityDefaults.ADMIN
          Any change to the name of this object must be reflected in Primordial Node.
static Principal SecurityDefaults.BOOTSTRAP_USER
          The initial principal for all nodes
static Principal SecurityDefaults.ROUTE_USER
          The default principal for the routing application
static Principal SecurityDefaults.DANTE_USER
          The principal for the dante application
static Principal SecurityDefaults.LOCAL_USERS
          The default principal for local applications and protocols
static Principal SecurityDefaults.REMOTE_USERS
          The default principal for dynamicaly loaded protocols

Methods in with parameters of type Principal
abstract  boolean Policy.hasPermission(Principal who, Permission what)
abstract  void Policy.addPermission(Principal who, Permission what)
abstract  void Policy.removePermission(Principal who, Permission what)
abstract  void Policy.removePrincipal(Principal who)
 boolean BasicPolicy.hasPermission(Principal who, Permission what)
          Perform an access control check.
 void BasicPolicy.addPermission(Principal who, Permission what)
          Add a permission after first checking for exact duplicates
 void BasicPolicy.removePermission(Principal who, Permission what)
          Remove a permission from a given principal.
 void BasicPolicy.removePrincipal(Principal who)
          Remove all permissions for the given principal
static void ReferenceMonitor.checkPermission(Principal who, Permission what)
          Check whether the given principal has a permission.
 boolean Principal.implies(Principal p)
          This is currently unused.


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