Class NodeConfigure


public class NodeConfigure
extends edu.utah.janos.nodeos.FlowRun

Performs one-time configuration of a Node to get it on its feet. This is one of the ways to start an ANTS node.

An alternative to ConfigurationManager.

Usage: NodeConfigure ActiveAddress PhysicalAddress [options]

  • ActiveAddress: the active address of the Node. Must be an IP-like dotted-quad.
  • PhysicalAddress: the physical host address of the Node. Must be a host:port pair.
  • Options:
  • -consoleport int: Start a telnet console on the given port.
  • -routes file: Static routing table is in file.
  • -updateRoutes: If dynamic routing updates should be pushed out.
  • -application appfile: Read appfile to configure & start an application.
  • -simpleapp string: Use the string as an app and its arguments.
  • -extension extfile: Read extfile to configure and install an extension.
  • -msgprefix string: Prefix all messages with string.
  • -policy file: XXX this needs to be written.
  • -principal name: XXX this needs to be written.
  • -proxyaddr addr: XXX this needs to be written.
  • The files appfile and extfile are simple files that are unceremoniously pushed into KeyArgs. They should define the application.

    XXX The physical address should be specified in a NodeOS-compliant syntax.

    Utah Janos Team
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    static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
              This doesn't work.
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    public NodeConfigure()
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    public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
                     throws java.lang.Exception
    This doesn't work. Its just here to prevent folks from getting really confused.
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