Package ants.core

Interface Summary
NeighborListener Interface for listening to changes in the immediate neighbors list maintained by the NeighborTable.

Class Summary
AppBooster Cannot be made public.
Application Abstract node application.
Assert Assert-like utility functions including assert(), ensure and require().
ByteArray Wrapper for an array of Bytes.
Capsule A capsule is a combination of a packet and its forwarding routine; the forwarding routine is executed at every active node the packet visits in the network.
ConfigurationManager A configuration manager that creates a node interface, channel and app configuration.
DataCapsule Data capsule.
DataProtocol Data protocol definition, a builtin protocol.
DLResponseCapsule Demand Load Response capsule.
Entity An Entity is an abstract class from which all Node-resident "things" are subclassed.
NeighborTable The neighbor table maintains a mapping of logical active network addresses to physical Addresses.
Node The per-flow Node interface.
NodeAddress Routines for manipulating node addresses.
NodeCache Node cache of managed soft-state.
NodeCache.EventHandler Elements of this type in the node cache will receive calls when one of a set of events occurs.
NodeConfigure Performs one-time configuration of a Node to get it on its feet.
NodeStat The NodeStat class is used to store statistics for an entire node.
Protocol Base class for all protocols.
ProtocolBooster Must be public as its the entrypoint for a new flow from the Java NodeOS.
ProtocolRegister.Owner A simple class used to define the owner of a protocol.
RouteTable The basic ANTS route table.
Trace Trace class for the various trace macros spread about the ANTS source.
TypeID Capsule, CapsuleClass, CodeGroup and Protocol identifiers.
Xdr An Xdr instance encapsulates an external, byte-oriented data structure (an "External Data Representation".) Xdr's can include Strings, byte arrays, booleans, bytes, shorts, ints, longs, TypeIDs.

Exception Summary
AttachException Thrown if there is a problem attaching an Application, Extension or Channel to the Node.
DuplicateCapsuleClassException Thrown if a CapsuleClass is registered under an already registered name in a Node.
FullCodeGroupException Thrown by CodeGroup.add() if the code group is already full.
ResourceLimitException A runtime exception thrown when a capsule has consumed all of its allocated resource quota.

Error Summary
Assert.AssertFailure A run-time Error is thrown if an assert fails.
NodeHasNoAddressError A runtime error thrown when an application or capsule tries to get the address of the node it is executing on, and there is no address yet defined for the node.
NoSuchApplicationError Thrown by Node when a packet is delivered to a port on which no application is registered.


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