A Portable, High-Performance
Parallel Programming Language for
Science and Engineering Computations

9 January 2005   We're working on more complete documentation, but for the moment, the most accurate statement of ZPL is chapter 2 of Brad Chamberlain's thesis as enhanced by chapter 2 of Steve Deitz's thesis. The Programmer's Guide is slightly outdated, but still a valuable reference that some programmers may find easier to read.

22 April 2004  ZPL Version 2.0.0 is released under an OSI-approved open-source licence. Substantial changes have been made since the last binary release. See this page for details on language changes. See the What's New? page for more details.

22 April 2004  A page showing performance results on a 1024-node cluster, a 176-processor IBM SP, and a 256-processor Cray T3E is added. These performance results were previously published in a paper that appeared in PPoPP '03: Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming.

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